Are your switchboards in top shape for the year ahead?

With the start of the New Year we are often setting personal goals to get in better shape but now is a great time to make sure your switchboards are also in great shape ready for another busy year.


Switchboard checks that should be made include:

  • Replacing all rewirable porcelain fuses with miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)
  • Replacing your main switch with RCD circuit protection
  • Ensuring your earthing bars and grounding stakes are sound and comply with the latest EWRB regulations.


How to tell if your switchboard requires upgrading


If you’re switchboard looks more like photo A than photo B it may  be time for a switchboard upgrade.

old-switchboard switchboard-photo

Photo A                                                                                                Photo B


Checks and upgrades that may be required:

  • Wiring should be checked to ensure that is not made of rubber or other non-compliant material.
  • Redundant and dangerous wiring should be removed.
  • The earthing conductors should not be bare copper. All bare earth wires should be sleeved.
  • All connections should be checked and comply with the latest EWRB regulations (AS/NZ5300:2007)


In addition to electrical checks, it is also important to check for any signs of water damage or habitation or damage by animals, including spiders, birds and vermin. Bird droppings are very acidic and can cause corrosion of metal, while nests increase the risk of fires and vermin are often responsible for damaging wiring.


If you would like assistance with checking or upgrading your switchboards, please get in touch with the EAS team today on 07 834 0505.

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