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Temperature Sensors

Temperature is one of the most measured variables in manufacturing. Temperature plays a vital role in efficiency, energy consumption, product quality and safety. Just some of the places that EAS has installed temperature sensors include: Coolstores to monitor product & room temperatures. Process lines. Clean In Place (CIP) lines to make sure CIP is at […]

Terms & Conditions – $20,000 Referral Bonus

To be eligible for the $20,000 referral bonus the following conditions must be met: EAS must employ the person you recommend. The referrer must be identified in the covering email sent with the job application. Job applications must be received by the close off date. The bonus will paid out in increments. $4,000 on the completion […]

Christmas Puzzle – December Newsletter

Well, Santa could just get rid of Rudolph but… It sounds like Santa’s having a bad day with Rudolph. The Elf is afraid that that the reindeer will bite him, and without Santa around, Rudolph just can’t keep himself from eating the Snowman’s carrot nose. What is Santa to do? He and his crew need to […]

Power Factor Correction

Power factor is the ratio of active power (the power flowing to a system/appliance) vs the amount it uses to perform its function. A device’s power factor represents how effectively that device is using the power supplied to it – essentially its electrical efficiency. Devices with high power factors make better use of the power being […]

Do you know if your lighting levels are up to standard?

Lighting in your workplace is critically important to your staff’s ability to accomplish tasks efficiently and safely. In addition, proper light levels prevent eye strain, which allow us to work comfortably for longer periods of time. Light is measured using lumens and lux. Lumens are used to measure the amount of light being given out […]