Riddle Answer – July 2020

Riddle One:


The anwer is 73

The witch holding a broom and wand is worth 15

Each wand is worth 7

If you look closesly there are 4 broomsticks that = 12, therefore a broomstick is worth 3

Final equation

A broom (3) + A witch without a wand or broomstick (15-7-3=5) x 2 wands (14)

3 + 5 x 14 = 73 (remembering your BODMAS or BEDMAS rules)


Riddle two:

1. Green. Yellow, red and blue are primary colors, green is not.

2. December. The other months have only 30 days.

3. Calculus. The others are cloud types.

4. Cabbage. The others are vegetables that grow underground.

5. Shovel. The others have prongs.

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