EAS – Specialist Industrial Electricians

The work an Industrial Electrician does is quite different to that of a residential or commercial electrician.

While all electricians have core skills in installing light fixtures, wiring and installing outlets; Industrial Electricians require skills that allow them to work in manufacturing environments where they maintain a far more extensive range of electrical systems from micro currents to high voltage components.

The Electrical and Automation Solutions (EAS) team of specialist industrial electricians are highly skilled in this work including:

  • plant automation, specialising in dairy and food processing
  • distribution centre and coolstore electrical installation and maintenance
  • new installations and servicing of packaging equipment, conveyor belts, agitators and all other types of plant and equipment.
  • plant instrumentation installation, maintenance and calibration
  • scheduled and preventative maintenance
  • lighting design and LED upgrades
  • electrical panel design and build
  • machine breakdowns
  • switchboard repairs and upgrades
  • thermal imaging surveys
  • EV chargers supply and install.
In addition to our skills and experience working with industrial electrical systems the EAS team also carry a range of qualifications to ensure that they are ready to carry out any work at your plant including:
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Working at Heights
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Installation and Inspection of Hazardous Areas

EAS’ extensive experience working in food manufacturing environments means we understand the stringent protocols required to ensure the safety of your food manufacturing processes. Health & Safety is also a priority for our team. EAS are SHE and Prequal certified and go above and beyond to ensure that we fully understand and comply with all health and safety requirements of the sites we work on.


As an ISO9001 registered company, you can be assured that you will be delivered a quality solution that you can rely on.
If you need a Specialist Industrial Electrician you can trust to deliver your projects seamlessly, get in touch with the EAS team today on 07 834 0505 or [email protected].

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