Can your staff and customers exit your building safely in an emergency?

Eexit-smmergency Lighting is designed to ensure that if there is a power failure, there will be enough lighting to allow people to exit your building safely.

The Australian and NZ Standard AS2293 outlines the level of light (lux) required to ensure people can exit safely from the building.  Different levels of lighting may be required on exit routes depending on factors such as changes in floor levels or in areas where there are dangerous machines or hazardous processes operating.

It is vital that emergency lighting systems kick in as soon as they are required, particularly in areas where there may be dangerous machinery or hazardous processes operating or where a significant number of people (greater than 250) will be using the escape route. AS2293 outlines the level and timeframe of lighting that must be available. It also requires that there be sufficient back-up power to allow emergency lighting levels to be maintained until evacuation of all staff can be completed or full power restored.

EAS can provide you with a complete solution for all your emergency lighting needs. From design, installation, and commissioning to the installation of both temporary and permanent standby generators, back up Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems in various sizes. We can provide an emergency lighting solution that will fit your needs whether it is for a small office building or a large industrial plant.

While the design and install of emergency lighting systems is a key part of ensuring your building complies with the NZ building code, it is also vital that these systems are regularly maintained to ensure that they operate when they are needed, and your building warrant of fitness is valid. EAS can assist you with routine testing and repair services, ensuring that all aspects of the Emergency Lighting system are operating as intended. During these routine checks, the team will inspect and record all aspects of the system, such as verifying the physical condition and illumination of each light, maintaining the BWOF documentation & ensuring all lighting is in the required place.

If you need help with the installation or maintenance of your emergency lighting system, get in touch with he EAS team today on 07 834 0505.

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