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Relays vs PLCs

Only the simplest powered electrical systems and equipment require just an on-off switch. In reality, most processes need a control system to manage commands and/or direct or regulate the behaviour of other devices or systems. Originally, these control systems would have been designed using Relay Logic which is a large array of hard-wired controls utilising […]

Instrumentation & Calibration

Instrumentation is the term used to describe all the different devices (or instruments) that are indicating, measuring, and recording physical quantities within your plant to ensure that your production processes are operating effectively. Some types of measures commonly monitored include:   Flow Flow meters are used to measure the flow in a process pipe. This […]

Equipotential bonding – and why on earth you need it.

Equipotential bonding and earthing are essential parts of electrical safety. Both play an important part in preventing electrical shocks in your plant. Electrical equipment requires earthing to ensure that if a fault occurs that the voltage has a safe path to travel where the surge in current will trip a breaker, cutting power to the […]

Injection Testing for Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers can go long periods of time without activation. If they fail when activated, this can have catastrophic consequences for your staff and plant if an arc flash were to occur; and will certainly cause extensive damage to your electrical systems. Primary & Secondary injection testing should be included as part of your Preventative Maintenance […]