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Static electricity can cause serious problems within the manufacturing environments from product quality issues to worst case scenario sparks being generated risking fire and explosion. What causes static electricity? Static electricity is caused when two materials rub against each other. Typically, the surface of every material has both protons(+) and electrons (-), with their charges […]


In electrical engineering a hazardous area is a place where a fire or explosion hazard may exist due to: flammable gases or vapours combustible dusts or ignitable fibers which may be present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. Where are hazardous areas found? Places like oil refineries, chemical plants […]

Industrial Electrical Motors

Electric motors have been around for centuries, becoming more refined and powerful over the years. Their role is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy used in everything from your household appliances and computers to powering mega factories around the world. The first motors were developed as far back as the 1740’s, however due to […]

EAS – Specialist Industrial Electricians

The work an Industrial Electrician does is quite different to that of a residential or commercial electrician. While all electricians have core skills in installing light fixtures, wiring and installing outlets; Industrial Electricians require skills that allow them to work in manufacturing environments where they maintain a far more extensive range of electrical systems from micro […]

Referral & Sign On Bonus

Sign On Bonus To be eligible for the $5,000 sign on bonus, applications must be received by Wednesday 15 September – so don’t delay apply today. Bonus will be paid on the successful completion of your 90 day trial period.   Referral Bonus To be eligible for the $1,000 referral bonus the following conditions must […]